A+ Sound On

A+ SOUND ON is an interdisciplinary media brand that will focus on careers that are current in “growth stage” and are about to hit it big.

We care about the movers and shakers of right now that are making waves in their industries and are laterally focused on collaboration and bringing up others around them. The show will be both in the form of a Podcast and a YouTube Show that will have extended visuals illustrating the points made in the podcast. It is an explicit and transparent account of how creatives and entrepreneurs are making their way in the world – before they’ve officially “made it.” By vetting and interviewing the next wave of creators, in a one-on-one unscripted format, A+ SOUND ON, will be a “reality” podcast show that will provide an honest and entertaining account on the lives of the entrepreneurs of tomorrow.

Stay tuned for our launch. ⚡️