Swimwear is an exciting mens swimwear brand from Colombia, SA that offers an impeccable quality of product, with beautiful prints and design, from a Country and culture with so much to offer.

– Adventurous Spirit with Effortless Style –

In Colombia, every summer, long weekend, holiday, or even winter involves sun, sand, and subtle waves. So for obvious reasons, beachwear is an important staple to any closet. Not being entirely satisfied with what was already in the market, Papúa decided to take matters into its own hands."

“Papúa invites its customers to see the world differently: to embark in a
spontaneous journey, have an adventurous spirit, explore the authenticity and culture of unexplored destinations, and embrace the lifestyle that PAPÚA has to offer: effortless style.”

SS15 Collection: This beautifully crafted collection called ‘Sea Legends’ was inspired by the mysteries the ocean have hidden within them. From the lurin voices of Greek sirens to gosthly ship sailing deadly seas, this collection is an alluring tale of mythical creatures and their perilous journeys through undiscovered oceans.