(How We Can Work In Service of You)

We don’t like to simply say what we do – we rather show you. This, because we have a big bag full of tricks (like Mary Poppins style), and all our clients are so unique, varied, and cross-industry – that we'd fill this page with copy, tax stuff, business plan/to-market strategy...and we don’t want to just put stuff in front of you. Want to know what we can do? Just write/DM/send a carrier pigeon to us; tell us what your dream/challenge/goal is; and we'll come up with a bespoke (great buzz word, eh?) plan, crafted exclusively for you.

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Business + Creative Consulting 

Figuring out the snapshot of where you are and where you want to be, and how to figure out the issues that come up along the way for entrepreneurs. Think of it as Executive Coaching with a start-up x creative edge. We have been a part of small, medium, and large companies and understand the nuanced frictions + pain points that come about at each of these business levels. We like to work with proven personality tests and metrics that gauge your optimal success potential and guide you accordingly.

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Business + To Market Strategy

We also help figure out how you will get there. We help you create the road-map to success, and narrow that down with attainable strategic and time-line focused goals to help get you there. We can facilitate or lead: Design, Incorporation, IP/Trademarking and copyright initiatives, as well as business plan consulting and operational streamlining and set-up.

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Brand Strategy + Creative Direction

Just like the above, but for visuals: We create the visual narrative and aesthetic by which your brand will live by. We can set the tone and establish your look and feel. If you already have a team of designers, we can come “in house” and creative direct them until they “learn the voice.” We can work with existing PR + Marketing teams to lead brand visual and set communication standards so your company can carry on seamlessly when we’ve completed our teachings.

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Logo + Brand ID + Style Guide

If you want us to take this a step further, (and if you haven’t done this work already, or are unhappy with previous work you’ve done in this area) we can: We name you, create your logo, color palette, brand + style guide lines (business cards, letterhead, branded templates, email signatures, MISC marketing + branding collaterals, hang-tags, etc.) mission statement, as well as tone of voice and messaging style. I.e. We execute on all the above doing it ourselves.


We have a real knack for this. It is scary and hard to describe how good we are – we sorta black out and find the perfect name for your baby.

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Web-Conceptualization + UX/UI Design

We implement all of the above and distill it into what we (and the data + research) feel is the best working web-architecture and imagery/content plan for your brand. We can work with your existing web/IT team as we speak the developer language and will project manage this to completion, including SEO optimization plans and how that incorporates into Social Strategy. Or we can do it all ourselves

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Event Production + Management

We conceptualize, produce, and execute on high-end events, activations, launches, pop-ups, private parties, trunk-shows, i.e.: all the parties. We work with top experts in the field to make your important moments as memorable and effective as they can be. We work with experts and tech-tools to make them run smoothly. 

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Talent + Influencer Management

We represent a variety of different talent, but what they have in common is that they’re all hand-picked, all multi-disciplinary and mega-talented. They might be designers, makers, or influencers, but we believe in all of them and we’re “their people.” Agent-ing / Managing / Repping.

Social Media Strategy

Exactly what this sounds like, except we like to create a posting strategy plan, and then teach you the skills and give you the tools to carry this on your own. We’re in the belief of empowering our clients to learn to do the things we build for them so they are never caught in the dark and so they feel empowered to “drive the car” on their own. We can set up reoccurring plan to update your content strategy, learning from the data, and interpreting the numbers into results by tailoring your efforts accordingly. Everything from content production, to hashtag optimization, posting strategy, and engagement strategy. ) Long term, we don’t “tend to” client’s social media accounts, but like a head hunter, – albeit a creative one – we can also work to internally recruit the best candidate to serve your social media + creative needs to carry this on directly for you. 

Brand Management

We can come in for a short-fix, or longer-term engagement to make sure the rest of your team understands how to talk about and implement your brand.

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Video + Ad + Content Production

We all know what this is. We come up with the idea. Budget it. Produce it. Help you distribute it.

We do dabble in the dark arts of advertising, but aren't an advertising firm, so want to be clear. So, yea...this is our low-key section about advertising that says that we can write + shoot every iteration of your next campaign.


What this sounds like.

We'd love to just leave it at the line above ^ and be cheeky, but since we're serious and professional, we'd like to let you know that we have journalism & creative writing backgrounds, so we got this. 

Image Consulting

Styling, visual re-branding, make-overs, personal wellbeing and self-care maintenance. We work with top experts to revamp the way you look and feel about yourself.

Reputation Management

Because it's important. Both online and via PR/ Print communications.

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Front-end: Communications

If you just need a new way to talk about yourselves or a project, you can bring us on board to create a new messaging, advertising, or marketing strategy for your team, i.e: how you talk about and portray ourselves on the outside. This is what we call the “front end.” A lot of business have operations down to a tee and are set up for front-end, but just need guidance for your in-house team. If you don’t have an in-house team, we can do the above.

Backend: Operations

Converse to the above, we help define and set up your team’s unique work-flow and working dynamic. Even before then we can set you up on IT, we can help incorporate you, set up your working business name, set you up with lawyers and accountants with the best plan for you, get your domain locked up, create all your emails and preferred accounts. We synchronize them all for you and then teach you how to use them. Accounting, efficient software preferences and set up, email clients, Social media, your password keeper, company data-base set up, i.e: all your IT-tools…all the back-end stuff. You get the picture. 

Backend: Operations

all your Space IT-tools…all the back-end stuff. You get the picture.