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Radice Apothecary is a bespoke organic and vegan skincare line that is hand made in Italy, using only the most precious and highest quality ingredients. 

Vanity Fair calls it, "The hidden gem of Skin Care."

Radice was born in Italy three generations ago when Jasmine’s (the founder) grandmother, a pharmacist by profession, began to create creams made by hand using only organic ingredients grown in her garden. Since childhood, Jasmine has perfected the art of creating these organic creams.  After years of studying natural pharmaceuticals and working as an herbalist, today Radice’s skin care line is still created by Jasmine’s hand. Jasmine takes special care to ensure that Radice is made of only organic ingredients, most of which are the same ones that grow in the garden of her family home in Tuscany. 

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Contemporary pret-a-porter collection for there modern, powerful, and feminine woman - made in New York City.

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Kore is the essence of who you are. Our body's "core" represents your inner and outer self; your mind, body, and spirit. This personalized meal delivery and curated cleanse offering is designed to enhance and strengthen your core, allowing your natural beauty to shine from the inside out.